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Analyca Policy Institute (API) is a non-profit think tank with a steadfast focus on conducting in-depth and multifunctional policy research aimed at addressing the most pressing global challenges and promoting the preservation of peace.

In a world characterised by rapid change, intense competition, and multifaceted complexity, Analyca Policy Institute seeks to create impact through innovative policy solutions.

The API conducts research, evaluates analyses, and exerts influence in order to contribute to evidence-based policymaking and drive positive change.


The Analyca Policy Institute adopts a systematic and evidence-based approach, producing independent and policy-relevant data on various policy and social issues.

We continually collect and validate data from multiple countries, maintaining a clear research agenda and establishing partnerships with relevant stakeholders.

Our goal is to build partnerships with other organisations, policymakers, international corporations, and field experts to ensure that our research findings are relevant and impactful on policy and practice. Additionally, the institute employs appropriate methods to generate insights and recommendations.


Analyca Policy Institute identifies crucial questions and publishes clear, precise, and timely analysis on challenging issues. We aim to evaluate political instability, conflict, economic development and growth, social inequality and poverty, access to healthcare and education, human rights abuses, environmental degradation, climate change, and migration and refugee crises.

We strive to provide regular updates and examine foreign policies. Our goal is to assist policymakers and stakeholders in developing effective policies and interventions that address the root causes of these challenges and promote long-term sustainable development.

The institute employs appropriate analytical methods to analyse the collected data. This may include statistical analysis, content analysis, or thematic analysis. Our aim is to identify patterns and trends, draw conclusions, and make recommendations that can inform policy and practice.

Advocacy and Policy Influence

Advocacy constitutes a central tenet of our developmental endeavours. In contrast to merely addressing issues on an individual basis or raising awareness in isolation, our institute is dedicated to a comprehensive approach involving the analysis of the root causes of prevalent challenges. We systematically formulate policy-oriented remedies with a view to effecting sustainable and enduring change. Formal policy instruments, encompassing legislative enactments and governmental regulations, occupy a pivotal role within our framework of policy advocacy.

Our institute diligently adheres to a procedural paradigm that revolves around influencing and providing support to decision-makers, institutions, and civil society entities in their pursuit of advocating for, adopting, crafting, executing, and upholding normative frameworks, legislation, and policies that are responsive to the needs of the populace. This process is meticulously designed to foster policy changes that lead to improvements in the quality of life and the full realisation of individuals' rights.


1. Promoting Collaborative Efforts : Analyca Policy Institute strive to establish a shared understanding of specific challenges and foster compatible values that support cooperation. Within our research-policy collaborations, this convergence between the supply and demand of evidence forms the basis of our endeavours. Our primary objective is to employ a common agenda to enhance various policy issues, thereby strengthening our relationships with decision-makers to deliver practical recommendations.

2. Adapting to Policy Dynamics: We employ adaptability as a crucial approach, which involves identifying key influencing factors and tailoring evidence for specific audiences. This adaptability allows us to respond effectively to shifts in political or social contexts. The diversity of active partnership members informs our engagement strategies and even shapes the research process itself to suit specific contexts. Collaborating with boundary partners, such as policy advocates, and other intermediaries like the media, is essential, as they may incorporate our research into their campaigns and priorities. These intermediaries expand the reach and credibility of our partnerships.


The purpose of Analyca Policy Institute is to assist in informing the decision-making processes of key policymakers and shaping the perspectives of key influencers.

Our overarching objective is to contribute towards the realisation of a secure and prosperous world.

Our institute is guided by a distinctive set of values that profoundly influence its work and shape its approach to addressing challenging issues. These values include innovative thinking, a steadfast commitment to evidence-based research and analysis, unwavering integrity and professionalism, transparency and accountability, independence and impartiality, and a dedicated focus on long-term sustainable solutions. Together, these values harmoniously work towards the overarching goal of making a tangible real-world impact.

Analyca Policy Institute leverages its policy expertise, sound judgment, and extensive networks to conduct research, analysis, and provide recommendations. We actively strive to organise events, podcasts, conferences, publish articles, and make media appearances, all of which serve to enhance understanding, raise awareness, and foster dialogue on policy issues among relevant stakeholders and the wider public.


Sara Hamrani

Politologist- IR SPECIALSIT

Maria Alejandra Villena

Conflict and peace specialist

Furqan Farah

Researcher - IR Specialist

Abdesammad Hamrani

Expert consultant contract Management & Negotiation


  • Fostering innovation, driving change, Our approach help to achieve positive changes in societies.
  • Redefining success through mutual cooperation and trust. API promotes a sense of shared purpose, to achieve long- term goals.
  • Building bridges across nations and cultures.  API is equipped to develop effective policies that promote international cooperation, security, and stability.
  • Empowering communities, transforming lives.


Area of Interest

Peace & stability<br><br>

Peace & stability

Climate change<br><br>

Climate change

Food & water security

Food & water security

Social issues & values

Social issues & values

Immigration & refugees

Immigration & refugees

International affairs<br><br>

International affairs






Africa, middle east, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean

Analyca Policy Institute is committed to conducting research, analysis, and consulting services with a multi-regional focus on the continents of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean. The institute's research agenda centres around identifying and analysing emerging policy issues in these regions. It aims to explore potential solutions and provide evidence-based policy recommendations to decision-makers.

In addition to research and analysis, the institute offers consulting services to assist governments, non-governmental organisations, and other stakeholders in effectively addressing these policy challenges. The objective is to promote sustainable development across multiple regions by leveraging the expertise and insights gained through its research and analysis efforts.

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Analyca Policy Institute offers consulting services to assist clients in achieving their objectives and navigating complex negotiation scenarios. Our experienced expert consultant brings a multidisciplinary approach to every project, combining expertise in negotiation, policy analysis, conflict resolution, and stakeholder engagement to develop tailored solutions that meet clients' unique needs.

In addition to our contracts management services, we provide a range of other services designed to help clients navigate complex legal and regulatory environments. These services include policy development, stakeholder engagement, and advocacy strategies, among others.

We are committed to working closely with governments, NGOs, private sector clients, and other stakeholders to build consensus, manage risks, and achieve more favorable outcomes. Whether you require support in developing a new policy framework, negotiating a complex contract, or managing a large-scale implementation project, our expert consultant is available to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your policy goals.

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Our expert has a proven track record of success and possesses a deep understanding of the nuances involved in the negotiation process.

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Whether you are seeking advice on policy development, guidance on navigating complex regulations, or training on effective advocacy strategies, our expert possesses the skills and expertise necessary to assist our clients.

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Our expert possesses a profound comprehension of the legal and operational aspects of contract management, along with extensive experience in negotiating intricate and contentious contracts and agreements.


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